eValg Elektronisk valg

Welcome to the electronic election portal at The University of Oslo


Legacy system

This is the old eValg election system.

Go to valg.uio.no in order to access the new eValg system.

This legacy system is still in use because there are still some elections that can not be arranged in the new system. Those are (in Norwegian): museumsvalg, biblioteksvalg, valg av verneombud, LAMU og listevalg.

See also help pages for eValg for more information!

For the impatient

Start e-voting


In order to vote electronically in UiO elections, you need to be registered as a UiO user. Read more about how to administer your user account here

Log on

Log on with your usual UiO username and password.

How to vote?

After logging on, you will get an overview of “Ongoing elections”. These are elections for which you are registered to vote. Once you have found the election in which you wish to vote, click “vote”. You may interrupt the process at any time.

New vote

You can change your vote as long as elections are open. Click on “change vote” and cast your vote again. Your previous vote will automatically be replaced by your new vote.

Errors in the electoral register

In the overview of elections, you can also see “elections where you aren't permitted to vote”. These are elections for which you are not registered. If you believe this is wrong and that you are in fact entitled to vote in this election, you may still cast your vote. Your vote will be sent to the Election Board who will decide whether or not your vote can be counted. Please note: The Election Board are not able to see what you have voted for, only that you have voted.


After logging on, you have 20 minutes to vote. If you are unable to complete the voting in that time, you must log on and start again.

More information

Elections at UiO If you need help or have questions about the e-voting system, please send an e-mail to: evalg-drift@usit.uio.no

Vote here

Follow this link and log into eValg to cast your vote.